Sterrekundiges is rassisties en beledigend teenoor ‘n sekere groep!


A white dwarf, also called a degenerate dwarf, is a stellar core remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter. A white dwarf is very dense

Degenerate en very dense, nogal! Weer Sies!

Lees hier en hier.



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A quote from Daily Maverick:

Parliament effectively has just one month to enact legislation so that Ramaphosa’s long-standing project, the national minimum wage, is implemented as planned on 1 May.

So, one of Squirrel’s pet projects is a deep socialistic “minimum wage”.

This begs the question:
Is the super wealthy businessman a socialist masquerading as a capitalist or is he a capitalist masquerading as a super wealthy socialist?

Either way, it’s a masquerade.


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Shakespeare Revisited!

Look out, Julius! Et tu, Marge?

eyes of marge



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Raai, raai riepa!


Today is PIE Day.



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“Birds of a Feather …

… shit in the same nest”

as a former manager of our department used to say.


Is this a pact to grab land?

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Dinosaur in the suburb!

Absolute proof that dinosaurs are contemporaneous with humans.

Check the footprint on the sidewalk! Each toe is about one metre long!

Perhaps the monster lives in the overgrown field on the left of the picture?


Sorry Darwin, Creationists Rule!


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Dis die geluid as jy hard aarde toe gebring word ná die euforie van Squirrel Ramaphosa se eerste SONA.


En dit wat jou aarde to bring is Ivor Vegter se analise van die toespraak.

Delf ‘n bietjie dieper as jy dink hy (Squirrel) het al die antwoorde.

Hier is ‘n paar uittreksels (Lees die hele artikel hier):

Since he proposed no concrete plans (despite waiting in the wings ever since Nelson Mandela retired), the only great beneficiary of the speech will be the venue hire and catering industries, who will host the numerous conferences, commissions, councils, working groups and summits that Ramaphosa announced.

Do not mistake Cyril Ramaphosa for anything other than a committed socialist. That he thought it was okay to become a billionaire while millions remained mired in poverty makes him a hypocritical socialist, but a socialist he is.

Socialism fails. It always does, in the end, because it requires a perfect world with perfect people who are altruistically motivated. It is pure idealism, impossible to realise. Capitalism recognises that people are most often self-interested, and exploits this trait to improve outcomes for everyone in society. It has produced the sharpest, most sustained, and most inclusive improvement in living conditions in human memory.

Cyril Ramaphosa will not be South Africa’s saviour. He will lead it further into the mire of socialism. It is easy to oppose evil that blatantly appears to be evil. Even a child can do that. The far more dangerous evil is that committed by a person who is intelligent and well-educated, who appears well-meaning, and who expresses his intentions with charm and charisma. That, in essence, is the difference between Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa.

Of the two, Ramaphosa is the more dangerous.


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SONA 2018


Promises, promises!

Soos die miskruier vir die trekker gesê het.


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For sale! Cheap! Today only!

Secondhand NambaWhan’s showerhead, well used for “after action satisfaction”

Apply here: Zapiro




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Good Riddance …

Koebaai Meraai,
(Lankal verby jou sellbydate)



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