In die laatsomer
Se middagson
Tel ons ons seëninge
En oordink ons ons sondes.


Soos ‘n ou hond
Wat lusteloos
Na stadige vlieë hap.

© vuurklip
28 Februarie 2022.


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Umbra Sumus

Umbra Sumus
(Ons is die skaduwee)

As die Son hoog staan
Bo land en see
Is ons die skaduwee.

Van somer na herfs
As die blare val
Is ons die skaduwee.

As die vuur brand
En lig gooi teen die muur
Is ons die skaduwee.

As ons die rivier oorsteek
En in die diepte tuur
Bly daar geen skaduwee.

22 Nov 2021


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You couldn’t make it up!

COP26 is the latest climate gabfest currently being held in Glasgow.

In order to promote the urgency and commitment to the cause, delegates are ferried from an hotel to the talk venue in (what else?) Tesla electric cars.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have enough charging points for all those EV’s, so in order to keep them going, they have laid on (Shh, don’t tell anyone!) diesel generators.

Like I said, you could not make it up, but those geniuses in Scotland could – and did!


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But we need protection, hey?

I read today that we (yes, you and I) contributed R2.6 Billion (yes, with a B) towards VIP protection in the 2018/19 financial year.

It boggles the mind. (with a b).

Nothing (or very little) for Whistle Blower (WB) protection.

But hey! They (the VIPs, not the WB‘s) really, really NEED this protection.

You see, we heard during the Zondo testimonies (monies hehe) how politicians left the Saxonwold Shebeen with suitcases filled with cash.

It should therefore be clear that we need to do all we can to prevent Cash-in-Transit Heists, not so?


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Die sonwysernaald
Se skadu rek lank:
“Die Son trek water”
Het die oumense gesê
As die Son net ‘n aks
Bo die horison lê.

Maar niks is gesê van die nag
Wat nét ágter die horison wag.


Ad occasum tendimus omnes
(Elkeen reis na ‘n eie sononder)
‘n Spreuk wat dikwels op sonwysers aangebring word
10 Julie 2021


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Cecil Ramaphosa!

Wat sê oom Cyril vir neef Manie?

Your hinterland is there” (Kyk hier)

Op die agtergrond is die Uniegebou, ontwerp deur Sir Herbert Baker wat ook die Cecil John Rhodes standbeeld ontwerp het!


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The End of the Road

The Great White Hunter


11 Nov 2009 – 8 April 2021


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Green Energy Breakthrough!

This was reported yesterday (31 March 2021) in Our Environment magazine.

According to professor Albert Mondschein of Tübingen University in Münich, they have developed a new type of solar panel which is strong enough to also act as blades on wind turbines. This will allow wind turbines to generate electricity from sunlight in addition to energy from wind.

This solves one of the biggest problems for green energy, namely the surface area required for renewable energy. This breakthrough will halve the area required for green energy.

The revolutionary solar cells can even generate electricity at night because, in addition to sunlight, they also capture solar neutrinos. These neutrinos can travel right through the earth so that the cells even generate electricity when the sun is on the opposite side of the earth.

In a later bulletin at Independent On Line (IOL) it is reported that Cape Town mayor, Dan Plato has ordered 5000 of these turbines to be deployed all along the Cape Peninsula from Table Mountain to Cape Point. “This, in addition to Koeberg Nuclear Power station, will make Cape Town independent of Eskom”, Mr Plato smiles.

Read the articles here and here.


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Tweedle-dum & Tweedle-dee

Or, perhaps Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum? Who can tell?


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SONA Non Grata*

*I copied the title for this post from David Bullard’s opinion piece in

Bullard often refers to our beloved president as President Frogboiler. This opinion piece (also in explains why. Here is the relevant quote:

“In his brutal honesty, Ramaphosa told me of the ANC’s 25-year strategy to deal with the whites: it would be like boiling a frog alive, which is done by raising the temperature very slowly. Being cold-blooded, the frog does not notice the slow temperature increase, but if the temperature is raised suddenly, the frog will jump out of the water. He meant that the black majority would pass laws transferring wealth, land, and economic power from white to black slowly and incrementally, until the whites lost all they had gained in South Africa, but without taking too much from them at any given time to cause them to rebel or fight.”

SONA refers to uncle Cyril’s (I’ll refer to him here as PFB) State of the Nation Address.

In his address, PFB used a most unfortunate but telling metaphor for the state of the economy:

At least once every twenty years, fynbos must burn at extremely high temperatures to allow the ecosystem to be rejuvenated and grow afresh…“. See here The Citizen.

Ja well no fine. Note that the ANC has been in power for a few years more than twenty and has made great strides in the goal of burning down the economy. Then came the Covid pandemic to raise the temperature and speed up the process.

I hope to be around to experience the rejuvenation but I’m not holding my breath. Chances are there won’t even be any rejuvenated economy for a second burning. Not until the Second Coming when, according to Jacob Zuma, the ANC will no longer reign.

But hey! Don’t worry, us (pale skinned) frogs are already used to the rising temperature (and it’s not due to global warming)

So, open another bottle of plonk whilst there are still a few left.



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