Liberté, egalité, fraternité?

Loop onlangs onderstaande aanhaling raak. Wat het dit met ons te make? Kan ons dit toepas op die manier wat regstellende aksie toegaps word? Sien ons al tekens van neither equlity or freedom?


Milton Friedman:

society that puts equality – in the sense of equality of outcome –
ahead of freedom will
end up with neither equality or freedom. The use
of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom. On the other hand, a
society that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up
with both greater freedom and greater equality. Freedom means diversity
but also mobility. It preserves the opportunity for today’s less well
off to become tomorrow’s rich, and in the process, enables almost
everyone, from top to bottom, to enjoy a richer and fuller life.


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