Kan jy so blog?

Hier is ‘n uittreksel van ‘n blog wat wys hoe dit gedoen kán word!

“… It was an epic collision of titanic marshmallows; no
one was bruised or dented, but afterwards, everyone involved was sticky
and gooey. It just fills one with a desire to wash one’s hands and
maybe take a shot of some good scotch to get back a little sharpness
and bite. Conviviality is a fine thing in an appropriate social
situation, but in a discussion of matters of substance, it can be a
toxic sludge that obscures differences and impedes the achievement of
any real understanding.

A few interesting comments managed to untangle themselves from the treacle. …”

Meer hier:

(die blerrie editor se lienk (mis)manager is ‘n siek grap, so jy moet maar kat en pyst)



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3 responses to “Kan jy so blog?

  1. Joanna Graham

    Sjoe. Die persoon kan maar!

  2. pinkpolkadot

    Baie goed!

  3. icysparx

    Klink vir my asof die persoon te hard probeer.

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