Lesse om te leer.

Lees nou aan een van my Kersgekenke

Sommer vroeg kom ek op die volgende af:

In Galileo’s time, professors of philosophy and theology – the subjects were inseperable – produced grand discourses on the nature of reality, the structure of the universe, and the way the world works, all based on sophisticated metaphysical arguments. Meanwhile, Galileo measured how fast balls roll down inclined planes. How mundane! Galileo’s investigations were clear and precise. The old metaphysics never progressed, while Galileo’s work bore abundant, and at length spectacular fruit. Galileo too cared about the big questions, but he realized that getting genuine answers requires patience and humility before the facts.

That lesson remains valid and relevant today.“

Die sleutel frases hier is “The old metaphysics never progressed” en “humility before the facts”

Dit is lesse wat die aardverwarming-gelowiges en sommige ander gelowiges gerus ter harte kan neem – maar sál hulle?



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3 responses to “Lesse om te leer.

  1. monicahaddad

    Die boek sal ek met groot genot lees……

  2. Maghitta

    lekker leesvoorspoedige nuwe jaar

  3. Neander

    Voorspoed vuurklip, laat die vlamme brand van insig en kennis.

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