Sal jy ‘n tweedehandse motor by die man koop?

Wolf as skaapwagter?

Dr Rajenda Pachauri

British taxpayers’ millions paid to Indian institute run by UN climate chief

Millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money is being paid to an organisation in India run by Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the controversial chairman of the UN climate change panel, despite growing concern over its accounts. A research institute headed by Dr Pachauri will receive up to £10 million funding over the next five years from the Department for International Development (DfID).

The grant comes amid question marks over the finances of The Energy and Resources Institute’s (TERI) London operation. Last week its UK head called in independent accountants after admitting ‘anomalies’ – described as ‘unintentional’ – in its accounts that have prompted demands for the Charity Commission to investigate. The decision to resubmit accounts follows a Sunday Telegraph investigation into the finances of TERI Europe, which has benefited from funding from other branches of the British Government including the Foreign Office and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Dr Pachauri, TERI’s director-general, has built up a worldwide network of business interests since his appointment as chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2002. The post, argue critics, has given him huge prestige and influence as the world’s most powerful climate official.

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5 responses to “Sal jy ‘n tweedehandse motor by die man koop?

  1. eiewys-gekkigheid

    Genade nee ek sal beslis nie!

  2. louisna

    Volgende vraag!

  3. Doubtingthomas

    Darem bemoedigend om te sien dat dit nie nét hier in Luilekkerland is waar mense geld blaas soos dronk matrose nie!

  4. zephur

    Hy lyk soos die knaap wat die fish en chips winkel gehad het so ‘n blok van ons skool af…

  5. christo.loots

    LOL! Hou die humor by!!

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