If you can’t stand the heat …

Confucius said: If you can’t stand the heat, fudge the figures.

Nuutste kroekery op die warmfront.

Dit blyk nou dat Jones (CRU, hide the decline, Mike’s nature trick, destroy the data, hide the data, ens., ens) en Wang Chinese weerstasie statistieke gamanipuleer het om die sg. Urban Heat Island (UHI) effek te kan afskryf. Sou die UHI effek verontagsaam word, beteken dit dat aardtemperature hoër voorkom as wat dit in werklikheid is.

UHI is die verskynsel dat temperature in stedelike gebiede hoër is as in landelike gebiede – dit as gevolg van geboue, teerpaaie en ander strukture.

Lees die storie hier by Watts Up With That



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2 responses to “If you can’t stand the heat …

  1. czardas

    I worry that both sides of the climate change divide argue emotively and tend to manipulate figures to prove a point. I tend to go back to sources I trust, and one of those sources is the independent journalist Gwynne Dyer. He is not beholden to any news organisation, government, educational insitution or dogma. What he has to “sell” is being right almost all of the time.He has this to say about climategate:http://www.gwynnedyer.com/articles/Gwynne%20Dyer%20article_%20%20Climategate%20and%20Disbelief.txtI hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

  2. vuurklip

    Thanks – have seen this but …Dyer says: “The weight of the evidence rests overwhelmingly on the side of those who argue that climate change is real and dangerous. Ninety-seven or ninety-eight percent of scientists active in the relevant fields are convinced of it; all but a couple of the world’s two hundred governments have been persuaded of it; public opinion accepts it almost everywhere except in parts of the “Anglosphere.” The United States, and to a lesser extent Australia, Britain and Canada, are the last bastions of denial.”Much of the acceptance is still due to the “authoritative” position of Pachauri, IPCC, EAU, NASA, GISS and others who have been shown as of late to be untrustworthy – to the extent that we do not know how much warming there has been – if any. The latest set of scandals have not yet worked through – if ever it will given the lip servive paid by the main stream media.

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