Die Besnydenis

Kan dit waar wees? En indien wel, waarom word Skwatsha en sy meelopers nie vervolg nie? Moet iemand eers ‘n klag lê? Hierdie is immers ‘n kriminele saak van ontvoering en verminking? Mbalula is tans adjunkminister van polisie en ‘n voormalige ANC-jeugleier.

In 2008, in the run-up to the ANC Western Cape provincial elective conference, for example, opponents of local ANC secretary Mcebsi Skwatsha claimed that he had rigged the conference, potentially disenfranchising up to 40 per cent of potential delegates. Yet when the ANC sent Fikile Mbalula to investigate these claims, he was met at Cape Town Airport by Skwatsha and disgraced MP Tony Yengeni and whisked off to a township.


There, to his astonishment, Mbalula discovered that he was scheduled, aged 38, to be circumcised. Mbalula reportedly tried to run away. The ingcibi who performed this operation, Maduna Nqabeni, told reporters that he actually lost his own mobile phone in the ensuing struggle to overpower Mbalula. Afterwards, Fikile Mbalula was sequestered for the traditional period for a male initiate – and was thus unable to report directly on any vote rigging. Skwatsha was duly elected unopposed as provincial ANC chairperson.


The question has not yet been answered: was this a case of tradition or thuggery?


Aldus Bryan Rostron in die Cape Timeslees die artikel hier


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4 responses to “Die Besnydenis

  1. eiewys-gekkigheid

    Genade eerstens is ek bly dat ek aan geen van hierdie stamme of gelowe behoort nie. Tweedens ek dink dit was opsetlik hoe anders?

  2. DallaSePa

    Klop Klop

  3. vuurklip

    Wie’s daar?

  4. DallaSePa

    Ek klop maar weer … Naand Oom.

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