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Wieke van wind …


April 24, 2012 · 9:41 pm

Op hooghe Pote

Hierdie besoeker het enkele dae in ons kombuis vertoef en blitsig op hooghe pote die werksoppervlaktes verken. Ek kon nie vasstel watter kosvoorkeure die kalant gehad het nie – al my pogings om gourmet disse voor te sit is met minagting bejeën en met klaarblyklike minagting verwerp.

Let op die pragtige groen oë.


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Hello world!

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Neo Darwinism …

Survival of the fattest!


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Kan ons díe hanswors akademikus wetenskaplike man ernstig opneem?

Professor (nogal) Scott Mandia.

Die Antjie Somers van aarts(sic)-verwarming.


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Wat noem jy …

Wat noem jy iemand wat by die Spur inbreek?

‘n Spur burglar natuurlik!

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It’s better to be a baddie!


Twee berigte in vandag se Cape CrTimes:

  1. Vader Jacob sê: Being a good person and loving one’s enemies will keep one living until the age of 70.
  2. Uncle Bob is 88.


Die baddies leef langer!


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Klap in die gesig vir NASA.

(Jy sal dit nie in Die Burger lees nie!)


In an unprecedented slap at NASA’s endorsement of global warming science, nearly 50 former astronauts and scientists–including the ex-boss of the Johnson Space Center–claim the agency is on the wrong side of science and must change course or ruin the reputation of the world’s top space agency.
Challenging statements from NASA that man is causing climate change, the former NASA executives demanded in a letter to Administrator Charles Bolden that he and the agency “refrain from including unproven remarks” supporting global warming in the media.
“We feel that NASA’s advocacy of an extreme position, prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate,” they wrote. “At risk is damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA, NASA’s current or former scientists and employees, and even the reputation of science itself.”

Lees die hele storie in die Washington Examiner.


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