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Hyper Hyperbole

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Bernabéu is a football stadium in Madrid. The post below graphically illustrates how insignificant the rise in CO2 has been over the past century. But hey, if you can make gazillions of dollars out of the scare as Al Gore and others have done, you’ll keep on pushing the hype.

Do you know that the officially acknowledged rise in global temperature over the same period is only 0.7 degrees C? Imagine sitting outside and the temperature is a balmy 21 degrees. Do you think you’ll feel the heat if the temperature rises to 21.7? Would this rise lead to catastrophic weather? Would it make the pole ice (at -30!) melt away? Would this rise lead to mega droughts, mega tornadoes, mega wild fires?

Are you scared? You should be! You are paying the CAGW profiteers for wind farms, higher food prices, alternative power subsidies.

BTW, Climate Change is a commonly used euphemism for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is used to hide the fact that there has been no further warming for the last 17 years. So, kids in high school today have not experienced global warming in their lifetimes. And kids in junior school have only experienced slight cooling.

Rise In CO2 Equivalent To Packing An Extra Seven People Into The Bernabéu

Over the past century, atmospheric CO2 has increased by one part in 10,000. The equivalent of packing an extra seven people into the Bernabéu.

ScreenHunter_171 May. 27 03.53

All seven of them are probably racists and misogynists. One of them can be seen wearing a yellow shirt in the upper deck. Two are in the bathroom.


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‘n Verrassing in die pos …

vuurklip het al vergeet dat hy ‘n gedig by New Contrast voorgelê het!

Die Koevert

Die Koevert

Die Voorblad

Die Voorblad

Die Indeks

Die Indeks

Die Gedig

Die Gedig



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NASA Eliminates The 100% Consensus For Global Cooling

Real Science

The EPA used to have this inconvenient document on their web site, showing about 0.2C cooling from 1940 to the 1960’s

ScreenHunter_144 May. 26 04.06

ScreenHunter_138 May. 26 03.12

Figure 2-1. Global temperature trend for past century based on J. Hansen 1981

At the time, scientists unanimously agreed that the world was cooling.

ScreenHunter_147 May. 26 04.26


That cooling didn’t fit the global warming agenda, so NASA simply got rid of it. They now show warming after 1950.


Fig.A.gif (656×446)

I digitized the 1981 graph and calculated the alterations NASA has made to their own global temperature record since 1981. They progressively cooled the past to exaggerate warming, with most of the data tampering coming between 1940 and 1960 – in order to eliminate the post 1940 cooling trend.

ScreenHunter_146 May. 26 04.21

When you are saving the planet, sometimes you just have to alter the data. Gaia demands it.

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As jy dit op LitnetBlogs gesien het, hou verby.


Daar is ‘n verre land
‘n Land van lief en leed
Waarin ons veels te veel onthou
En bitter min vergeet.

Daar is ‘n verre land
In ruimte en in tyd
En soveel wat ons daarin doen
Lei net tot selfverwyt.

Daar was ‘n verre land
‘n Land met net ons twee
Na elke uur wat ons daar was
Is daar nog steeds heimwee.

Daar is ‘n verre land
‘n Land van spieëls en glas
Die stempels in ons paspoort wys
Dat ons eens burgers was.

Na daardie verre land
Bestaan geen roete meer
Paspoort en visum het verval
En daar is geen terugkeer.



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Di Caprio Off To Space With The Other Hypocritical Luvvies

Daedalus DiCaprio


By Paul Homewood


We all know how concerned Leonardo Di Caprio is about global warming. So concerned, apparently, that he is planning a space ride with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

Now, I wonder what will be powering the spaceship? Wind? Solar?

Still, you can’t expect luvvies to live like the rest of us, and do without their mansions, fast cars and trips to outer space.

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The Age of Unenlightenment.

About the tyrrany of “global warming”


That slick expression you’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts, now has a deeper meaning in this latest stage of the post-enlightenment. If your facts plainly contradict someone else’s orthodox beliefs, then you are simply being “unhelpful” or even “harmful” and should therefore be suppressed. That’s to be done not by logical refutation or counter argument, but intimidation, bullying, shunning, character assassination and threats to a person’s career or livelihood.

Basically, the gloves come off and you get mobbed by a gang of like-minded thugs. Destroy the person, not the argument.

It’s the sort of behaviour one could expect of a medieval theocracy whose dominance is under threat by the advance of reasoned argument. Indeed, the humanists of Europe fought that battle from the late seventeenth century onwards, resulting in what’s commonly known as the Age of Enlightenment. There’s a lot more to it but from then on…

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Hard vs. the Soft Sciences

A lot to read but worth the effort!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Steven Burnett

This is an essay regarding the fundamental differences between the hard and soft sciences. While I don’t emphasize climatology much in the essay, I believe this may provide some insight into the chasm of evidence and approach between the two.

Recently, more climate consenters have been starting to grapple with the uncomfortable fact that the discrepancies between models and reality are, in fact, significant. While there are still some holdouts there have been more than a few mainstream discussions about some of the “softness” in climate science.

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Litnet Blogs Gebreek


Litnet Blogs is gebou op die gratis WordPress sagteware. Die stelsel laat jou groot vryheid toe om die werf wat jy daarmee bou, te customise.

Die probleem is, dat hoe meer jy customise, hoe groter is die kans dat die werf sal breek as jy van WordPress se updates gebruik maak, iets wat ongelukig onvermydelik is as jy jou werf veilig wil hou.

As jou werf dan deur updates gebreek is, is dit ‘n byna onbegonne taak om om uit te vind waar die fout lê.

Dis duidelik dat die kindertuin-programmeerders die Litnet Blogs uitvoerig ge-customise het, dat onlangse updates die werf gebreek het, en dat hulle nou met die hande in die hare sit.

Moenie verwag dat die probleme gou uitgesorteer sal word nie.



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Peacock Performance


Peacock Spider

Nee, dit gaan hier nie oor ‘n pou nie maar oor ‘n Australiese spinnekop.

Jy móét na die video kyk:

Lees meer hier:
Scientific American.



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Klein bou ons ons wêrelde
Al spelend’ in die sand,
Sien ons lugkastele
In wolke bo die strand.

Die voorspel tot ‘n toekoms
Wat niemand wil voorspel,
Al lê daar alreeds tekens
Vlak onderkant die vel.

Wat kom is in jou gene,
Onwrikbaar ingebed.

Die Dood woon in jou bene,
Hy asem deur jou mond,
En wit gryns jou skelet,
Vanuit ‘n bloedrooi wond.

© vuurklip


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