Hyper Hyperbole

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Bernabéu is a football stadium in Madrid. The post below graphically illustrates how insignificant the rise in CO2 has been over the past century. But hey, if you can make gazillions of dollars out of the scare as Al Gore and others have done, you’ll keep on pushing the hype.

Do you know that the officially acknowledged rise in global temperature over the same period is only 0.7 degrees C? Imagine sitting outside and the temperature is a balmy 21 degrees. Do you think you’ll feel the heat if the temperature rises to 21.7? Would this rise lead to catastrophic weather? Would it make the pole ice (at -30!) melt away? Would this rise lead to mega droughts, mega tornadoes, mega wild fires?

Are you scared? You should be! You are paying the CAGW profiteers for wind farms, higher food prices, alternative power subsidies.

BTW, Climate Change is a commonly used euphemism for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is used to hide the fact that there has been no further warming for the last 17 years. So, kids in high school today have not experienced global warming in their lifetimes. And kids in junior school have only experienced slight cooling.

Rise In CO2 Equivalent To Packing An Extra Seven People Into The Bernabéu

Over the past century, atmospheric CO2 has increased by one part in 10,000. The equivalent of packing an extra seven people into the Bernabéu.

ScreenHunter_171 May. 27 03.53

All seven of them are probably racists and misogynists. One of them can be seen wearing a yellow shirt in the upper deck. Two are in the bathroom.



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5 responses to “Hyper Hyperbole

  1. Whose figures can one trust ?

    • The figures here are generally accepted also by the warmers. However, the hype that these figures are reason for concern is what you should not trust!

  2. perdebytjie

    Feit bly staan,iemand maak groot geld.

  3. Ai, the scaremongering never stops. Picking on the fear of others are just so low.

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