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Matt Ridley: Realistic roundup of renewables

We’ll never learn from other’s mistakes. Our own are so much better!

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Matt Ridley article for the Times, reposted from the GWPF, because as many people as possible need to read it and think. Then act by using your vote sensibly.

Date: 28/07/14 Matt Ridley, The Times

wind-costsIf wood-burning power stations are less eco-friendly than coal, we are getting the search for clean energy all wrong
On Saturday my train was diverted by engineering works near Doncaster. We trundled past some shiny new freight wagons decorated with a slogan: “Drax — powering tomorrow: carrying sustainable biomass for cost-effective renewable power”. Serendipitously, I was at that moment reading a report by the chief scientist at the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the burning of wood in Yorkshire power stations such as Drax. And I was feeling vindicated.

A year ago I wrote in these pages that it made no sense for the consumer to…

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Climate Scientists Vs. Actual Scientists

The clearest proof that CO2 is NOT the major cause global warming.

Real Science

Many climate experts are scientifically illiterate, and get confused by this graph showing the relationship between atmospheric CO2 and global temperatureScreenHunter_1314 Jul. 26 07.06

The graph shows us two important facts.

  1. CO2 lags temperature, and responds to changes in solubility as the oceans warm or cool. This is one of the first things which freshman geology students learn, as it explains the formation of limestones.
  2. The recent rise in CO2 due to burning fossil fuels has had no impact on temperature.

Al Gore’s associate Laurie David didn’t like this relationship, so she simply reversed it in her children’s book – in a blatant attempt to defraud schoolchildren.

Lying to schoolchildren has made her a hero of the left and the White House.

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NASA’s Finest Are Climate Skeptics

I seem to be in good company!?

Real Science

Unlike the pathetic little weasels at GISS, NASA’s finest are climate skeptics.

To the long list of right-wing, knuckle-dragging know nothings who dare question so-called “global warming,” environmentalists now can add six Apollo astronauts, two rocket men who flew aboard Skylab, and a pair of former directors of the Johnson Space Center (JSC).

These veterans of America’s space program are among the 49 retired NASA employees who recently asked the space agency to halt what they consider its unscientific advocacy of climate alarmism.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin told the Daily Telegraph that he believes the climate has been changing for billions of years.

In a letter to NASA administrator Charles Bolden Jr., these rocket scientists, space explorers, and other men and women of reason requested, “NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) refrain from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites.”

They added: “We believe the claims by…

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hoe sal mý uitvaart wees
wie se trane sal mý begelei
die grond sagmaak en voorberei?

my vrymaak van die donkervrees
my vashou en verwarm
’n laaste keer omarm

’n laaste aandmaal met my deel
’n schubert cd vir my speel

en wie sal nog my verse lees?


6 april 2004
“The invasion of the barbarians”


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Phunny Physics


Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Newtons Laws of Expertise and the 4th Law of Thermodynamics.

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