Climate Scientists Vs. Actual Scientists

The clearest proof that CO2 is NOT the major cause global warming.

Real Science

Many climate experts are scientifically illiterate, and get confused by this graph showing the relationship between atmospheric CO2 and global temperatureScreenHunter_1314 Jul. 26 07.06

The graph shows us two important facts.

  1. CO2 lags temperature, and responds to changes in solubility as the oceans warm or cool. This is one of the first things which freshman geology students learn, as it explains the formation of limestones.
  2. The recent rise in CO2 due to burning fossil fuels has had no impact on temperature.

Al Gore’s associate Laurie David didn’t like this relationship, so she simply reversed it in her children’s book – in a blatant attempt to defraud schoolchildren.

Lying to schoolchildren has made her a hero of the left and the White House.

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3 responses to “Climate Scientists Vs. Actual Scientists

  1. Thx hiervoor. Ek is nie ‘n kundige nie, vele mense weet egter net so min soos ek ( of selfs minder) maar verkondig erge kettery

  2. Wie en wat kan ‘n mens deesdaë glo?

    • Jou gesonde verstand sê wie/wat jy kan glo. Weervoorspellings is (redelik) betroubaar vir enkele dae – maar die IPCC maak voorspelling vir die volgende 100 jaar?

      Sak Sarel!

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