Life in the “throw zone”

Wil jy een van hierdie monsters naby jou huis hê?


On one level, the images depicted in this video will provide many STT readers with a deep sense of satisfaction, tinged with joy, and bound with glee; or even what the Germans call “schadenfreude”: the malicious glee that comes from witnessing another’s downfall.



On another level, for those poor souls stuck with these mechanical monsters in their backyards it is a reminder of just how insanely dangerous they are.  Next time a smarmy developer or Planning Department lacky starts blathering about setback distances, take them to this video and ask them where they think all the pieces ended up and how far away they fell?

The developers and turbine manufactures use the euphemisms “blade throw” and “component liberation” to cover what is an explosive and frightening event posing a risk to human safety within distances of up to 1.5km.

STT has seen one serious study which uses statistics…

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  1. perdebytjie

    Dit lyk verskriklik!Lyk my windkrag het meer nadele as wat aanvanklik gedink is.

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