Oh Dear! Oh Dead Oh Dear! Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear!!!!

Who could have guessed? “Climate Change” causes a lot of hot air!


By Paul Homewood

h/t Catweazle



From Breitbart:

The 12-day UN climate change summit in Peru has generated more carbon dioxide than an entire African country. The talks, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, generated more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2, as more than 12,500 politicians, green activists, diplomats and journalists jetted in to Lima.

The emissions give these talks the largest ever carbon footprint for a United Nations climate summit, and is greater than the emissions produced whole countries such as Malawi, Fiji, Sierra Leone or Barbados over the same period.

The UN made the admission as delegates struggled to negotiate any meaningful, binding measures to reduce carbon emissions. Although talks were supposed to finish Friday, they are expected to run into the weekend as the nations fail to reach agreement on crucial measures.

Jorge Alvarez, coordinator for the UN Development Programme, said the carbon emissions were so…

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