Professor Ian Plimer Slams the Great Wind Power Fraud

We will continue to build wind and solar farms until we learn the hard way. By then the the public will have made some select few a lot of money.


Vestas turbine on fire Up in smoke: just like the massive subsidies
filched from power consumers & taxpayers.

Greens’ silence on folly of wind and solar power
News Weekly
Ian Plimer
25 October 2014

A simple evaluation of ideological electricity shows that it is unsustainable. The answer is certainly not blowing in the wind.

The amount of energy embedded in steel pylons, concrete footings, blades, wiring, magnets, land clearing and roads is more than a wind pylon would ever generate in its working life. Wind farms cannot generate electricity in a gentle zephyr or a gale, cannot operate continuously and optimistically operate at 20 per cent of nameplate capacity.

Wind farms have the life of a parasite because they freeload themselves onto existing grids paid by conventional efficient energy, need subsidies and drain electricity from the grid when it is too cold. Wind turbines don’t run on wind; they run on subsidies.

A single…

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