There’s Only One Problem with Claims that Wind Power ‘Kills Coal’: and that’s the Wind

Ons sal natuurlik nie uit ander se foute leer nie, néé, ons moet eers sélf seerkry.


yacht Fire up the diesel, darling. Otherwise, we’re going nowhere fast.


The fact that wind power depends on the ….. ahem … wind is the biggest bugbear to eco-fascist plans for giant fan domination across the globe; and their ultimate mission to go “fossil free” – they mean abstaining from the use of “fossil fuel”, rather than ceasing to rely on T-Rex and his – now stony/boney – kin. Although they have no apparent hesitation when it comes to burning up millions of litres of kerosene, flying to groovy backpacker must-sees, and “climate change” jamborees, all over the globe (see our post here).

The more deluded that walk amongst us claim that “COAL IS DEATH” – and that – with just a few million more of these things – wind power will destroy fossil fuel power generation – and we’ll all get to wallow in an endless…

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