1919: The 100% Consensus

The Martians are coming! Not!

Real Science

In 1919, there was 100% consensus among scientists that Martians had built a giant irrigation system across the Martian equator.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 02.59.07 PM-down

4 Oct 1919, Page 47 – at Newspapers.com

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6 responses to “1919: The 100% Consensus

  1. I assume the intention of showing this newspaper article is to draw a parallel between the alleged consensus about the existence of Martian canals and the genuine consensus among the world’s scientific community about the fact of climate change. It should be noted that there never was a consensus about the Martian canals. If you see the Wikipedia entry on the canals (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martian_canal) you will read “Other observers disputed the notion of canals. The observer E. E. Barnard did not see them. In 1903, Joseph Edward Evans and Edward Maunder conducted visual experiments using schoolboy volunteers that demonstrated how the canals could arise as an optical illusion”. So there was no consensus.

    A newspaper can simply print whatever it thinks is the case, whereas there are innumerable peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the veracity of climate change. To have something published in a peer-reviewed journal requires one’s claims to be rigorously checked and tested. Such publications have come from a diverse range of disciplines such as chemistry, geology, meteorology, ecology, physics, zoology, botany and oceanography. If there are counter-claims against the fact of climate change, those claims should be submitted to the same rigorous checking and testing (and not just published in a non-peer-reviewed newspaper) before they can be taken seriously.

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