The 97% Climate Consensus – Update

Update on the puzzle:


97% of climate scientists have reached a consensus on the first three equations shown above!

However, we, the other 3%, know (!) that only the first equation is correct. We know (!) equations two and three are wrong!

We* also know (!) that 5 + 8 = 13. Quite irrespective of the other equations. 13, not 45 or 34 or anything but 13.

I am not any kind of a scientist, just a Snake Oil Expert- I know snake oil when I see it.

Dankie aan almal wat deelgeneem het.





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6 responses to “The 97% Climate Consensus – Update

  1. Yes, failing this test was not in my plans.
    But what really worries me, is the unsuccessfull attempt I made to belong to THEM, the 3%!
    I enjoyed the exercise. It triggered un urge to rearrange my thought pattern!

  2. Haha! Dis ‘n skelm een!

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