Many a Freudian slip …

… twixt the lip and the whatever!

What kind of a valley are they writing about?!

The cutting below includes a Freudian slip as well as an unintended double entendre.

This delightful slip occurred on the front page nogal of our local community paper, the People’s Post.

dido 1

The reference is to a housing development in DIDO VALLEY



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10 responses to “Many a Freudian slip …

  1. Die Avril toch. Waar het hart van vol is …

  2. They probably won’t register, even if it is pointed out to them. They will think a Freudian slip is when he wore a petticoat.
    Does that forefend the type of people who will live in the valley?

  3. Dido, dildo – Is dit nie dieselle nie?

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