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Funny Peculiar


Oyster Catcher. Catcher? Do oysters run away? So why is this an oyster catcher?

Would you call someone who harvests cucumbers a Cucumber Catcher?

Note this particular bird has a club foot, the left foot. The bird is one of a pair nesting for at least the last 5 years in the same small area. During this time they have produced between one and three eggs per season but sadly only one has reached fledgling status – which is when I lost sight of it. In the photo, the chick is almost there.

In the second photo you see the other parent.

The birds take turns to incubate the eggs so I can’t tell which is the male or female.

This pair is one of four breeding pairs along a four Km stretch of the local railway line.



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August 11, 2019 · 1:03 am