Which is Worse?

Climate Change or Climate Change Activists?

In my alotted three-score-and-10 plus some, I have not noticed the 0.5oC increase – the other +/- 0.5oC increase was before my time.

However, the activists do have a very significant effect on all of us:

  • Carbon tax.
  • Higher electricity charges.
  • Subsidies for all things green, i.e. electric vehicles, wind and solar installations, etc.
  • Higher food prices thanks to food crops used for biofuels.
  • Deforestation to cultivate crops to be used for biofuels.
  • Rare raptors, other birds and bats killed by wind turbines or incinerated by solar installations (The Ivanpah type concentrated solar system).
  • Traffic and other disruptions caused by mass protests.

I’m sure one could add many other effects.


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6 responses to “Which is Worse?

  1. Plus, as your illustration indicates, the severe effects from all the hot air spouted by those activists? Why can human beings never do things in moderation?

  2. What you say is SO true: these days it is expensive to live ‘green’ and healthy – even fresh vegetables and fruit are too dear for everyone to enjoy daily.

  3. 🤔🤯 you are thinking about the same issues I wonder about. All the noise hides who benefits…

  4. Good questions. Not one the Leftists-Socialists who support “Free” energy will answer.
    Ha ha
    Recently A.O.C.s manager stated on TV that Climate change isn’t the real issue, it’s really about control of the economy! Others, who are promoting this Climate Chaos, have also said the same thing.
    Once you control the economy you have control over the people. That’s their ultimate goal.

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