The Social Distancing Hat

hatNo more hugging and kissing!

Better than a mask!

This hat works in two ways to protect you against the virus:

  1. People can’t get near you, and
  2. People don’t want to get near you.

So, order yours NOW – before stock runs out!

Everybody is scrambling to get one right NOW.



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5 responses to “The Social Distancing Hat

  1. Hat off!
    Oh wait, I should put it ON! Understood.
    I’m afraid, however, that Argentina will be unable to import elegant hats after having suffered a 120-day lockdown.
    We are back to Phase One, what about you? Stay safe and healthy.

    • Level three with threats to return to level 5 – tightest lockdown in the world. And the politicians who are supposed to manage the crisis are the same politicians who “managed” our economy down to junk status.

  2. The last sentence of my comment,should read —Phase 5 — instead of Phase 1. In other words, we are again subjected to the drastic measures taken at the beginning. I’m scared of the consequences of a further continuation of the shutdown.
    Too many people in too many counries, the world over, look forward to large governments under strong leaders, who will protect the poor from being enslaved by the rich. What an infantile illusion and, worse, a serious mistake!

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