You couldn’t make it up!

COP26 is the latest climate gabfest currently being held in Glasgow.

In order to promote the urgency and commitment to the cause, delegates are ferried from an hotel to the talk venue in (what else?) Tesla electric cars.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have enough charging points for all those EV’s, so in order to keep them going, they have laid on (Shh, don’t tell anyone!) diesel generators.

Like I said, you could not make it up, but those geniuses in Scotland could – and did!


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11 responses to “You couldn’t make it up!

  1. Ai tog, ek skud maar my kop. Energie word maar altyd teruggevoer na fossielbrandstof. Daardie Teslas is nie vervaardig met son-en windenergie as bron nie.

  2. Dis nes die ‘organiese’ mark. Tensy jy ‘n saadjie op ‘n stukkie waarlik ongerepte aarde plant en dit suiwer water ontvang, kan dit hoegenaamd nie organies wees nie. Ons mensdom mors met alles, geld ter wille.

  3. This has ‘fuelled’ a lot of controversy: apparently the UK Government has insisted that the generators run off Hydrongenated Vegetable Oils (HVO) and the hotel denies the existence of generators. Who is fooling who? It is all virtue signalling for the duration of COP26 then will return to ‘normal’.

    • Haha. Running on HVO’s is even worse than diesel. It takes more energy to produce HVO’s than one gets from burning them.

      • Renewable energy and other nonsensical attempts to please bad faith politicians may not cost lives, but the enormous expenses and useless investments are distorting the world’s economy. This damage seems to me far greater than the one being caused by, also misguided, measures to combat non-existing dangers of covid19 and its mutations. I therefore think that there is only way to revert the situation, It’s called political incorrectness.
        Cheers, and a fine weekend!

      • There is nothing “renewable” about renewables. The steel and concrete require vast amounts of fossil fuel to make the turbines – probably as much as will generate in their lifetime. They wear out and cannot be renewed i.e. recycled. Also they require 100% conventional backup. So you more than double up on infrastructure which is underutilised 100% of the time. This is just insane.

  4. For us, practically defenseless consumers, it is regrettably insane indeed. But don’t you agree that, unfortunately, seen from today’s political viewpoiint it is perversily uncanny?

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