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Uit die blou …

Hier naby ons in Simonstad is die ou Stempastorie – dis waar in 1921 die Stem van Suid-Afrika deur Ds M.L. De Villiers gekomponeer is. Die toonsetting is op die woorde van C.J. Langenhoven.

Dit gaan hier nie oor die Stem as sodanig nie, maar oor die pastorie in sy huidige toestand van verval.

Ek voel nie sterk hieroor nie, maar ek vind in die vervalle toestand van die pastorie en die huidige besetter (lekker woord hier, nè?) nl. Fleet Command: Quality Assurance Division” ‘n wondelike ironie.  An irony of ironies!

En wat sê dit van ons vloot se skepe as dit is hoe die Quality Assurance Division sy basis onderhou – of nie onderhou nie?








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A Godsend!?

covidThe Virus a godsend?

Yes – to a variety of individuals and/or groups who can’t let a crisis go to waste. They use any crisis to push some agenda which has nothing to do with the crisis at hand.

Some examples. You could probably add some more.

  • The religious:
    God is punishing us for our sins – most likely for being gay – but any sin will do.
  • Environmentalists:
    Mother Earth is striking back!
  • Global Warmists:
    This is how you should live (under lockdown) but we (the annointed) will fly around the world to exotic locations to tell/instruct you how to live and what not to eat.
  • News Agencies:
    A wonderful opportunity to accuse other news agencies of spreading fake news.
  • Politicians:
    – Accusing opponents of doing too little too late or too much too soon.
    – Sneaking in unrelated issues by hitching them to the crisis bandwagon.
    – Hide more corruption.
    – Exert more control over us.
    – Curry more favour by giving emergency handouts.
  • Finally people like vuurklip:
    No more handshaking/hugging and, God forbid, kissing virtual strangers.


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The very best cure-all!

Below you see an alcohol based mouthwash.

Use liberally to protect against all viruses and bacteria.

Also great way to treat depression and insomnia.

What’s not to like?



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Ek dink nie so nie …

My flash drive het sopas die gees gegee.

Maar ek dink nie dat hierdie ‘n aanvaarbare vervanging is nie.

Maar as jy dapper genoeg is, kan jy dit by Loot bestel.



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New Dawn?

Just kidding! kidding


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Funny Peculiar


Oyster Catcher. Catcher? Do oysters run away? So why is this an oyster catcher?

Would you call someone who harvests cucumbers a Cucumber Catcher?

Note this particular bird has a club foot, the left foot. The bird is one of a pair nesting for at least the last 5 years in the same small area. During this time they have produced between one and three eggs per season but sadly only one has reached fledgling status – which is when I lost sight of it. In the photo, the chick is almost there.

In the second photo you see the other parent.

The birds take turns to incubate the eggs so I can’t tell which is the male or female.

This pair is one of four breeding pairs along a four Km stretch of the local railway line.



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Saam in die Lewwetrie!

‘n Mens sien die weirdste goed!

Hierdie een is by die publieke toilette by Vishoekstrand.


Progress together? Does that mean taking the p1ss or just talking sh1t?


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Toevallig raakgesien by …


Maar hoekom koop die manne (vroue?) sulke jackets saam met nappies?



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The PRASA/Metro Rail Way!

One guy high on the ladder painting.

4 Others watching!


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You always need a Plan B!

In the event that Ace wins the Race …

Here is Plan B: the Bric-à-Brac store in Fishhoek!


Read this book to get to know Ace!



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