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New Boardgame!

Vuurklip beplan om gou skatryk te word, danksy hierdie nuwe board game.

Ryker as Khulubuse en Cyril tesame.

Ons is nog in die ontwerp fase en jy mag deelneem aan die verwagte Winste (met ‘n hoofletter W).

Enige voorstelle om onderstaande aan te vul, is welkom. Om deel te neem moet jy R1000 onmiddellik in my bankrekening by ABSA inbetaal. Jou bydrae maak jou geregtig op 1000 aandele in die te stigte maatskappy. Bank details op aanvraag.


Here are some of the squares and/or cards.

  • Lotsa get out of jail free cards.
  • Get another Nkandla.
  • Buy a president.
  • Get another government contract.
  • Become a consultant to the SABC
  • Get redeployed with promotion.
    Go to Nkandla.
  • Buy two new BMW’s.
  • Food parcels to buy Votes.
  • Create 100 fake social grant recipients
    with your account number.
  • Take a shower. Pass GO.
  • Buy a Treasury.
  • Buy the Cape Times.
  • Radical Economic Transformation:
    Take R10,000 from Pick & Pay
  • Become the Finance Minister.
    (For a weekend).
  • Get a 1 Million Zupta kickback.

Ek be-oog om Zapiro te kry om die game se charms te maak:

Moenie uitstel nie. Stuur jou bydraes Nou. NOU Dadelik.

Hierdie aanbod sluit op 1 April 2017, en dis nie ‘n grap nie!


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Science Must Fall!

Hierdie student wou bewys dat swaartekrag bloot ‘n uitvinding is van Westerse Wetenskap en dat dit gedekoloniseer móét word.gravity

Kyk ook hier:


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American Body Language!

Raoul: Let me you kiss your hand!
Barry: Later, dear!



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Russian Body Language!

Barry: Let me kiss your hand!
Vlad: NO!




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Wat kom ná Zuma?


‘n Nuwe Suid Afrika in Mugabe style!

Cyril se onderrok hang uit.

Onderstaande uittreksel uit Politics Web:

Cape Town – Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa has hailed Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party, saying that the African National Congress (ANC) would continue to seek guidance from the liberation movement, a report said on Sunday.

Ramaphosa said this during his solidarity message at the just ended Zanu-PF annual conference that was held in Masvingo.

“As ANC, we envy Zanu-PF and admire the manner in which the party holds its conferences with so many people gathered here, having serious political discussions on important issues that have to do with your own transformation process,” The state-owned Sunday Mail newspaper quoted Ramaphosa as saying.

According to reports, the conference was attended by more that 7 000 delegates.

Ramaphosa said the ANC also admired the manner in which President Robert Mugabe’s party continued to defend the gains of the southern African country’s revolution.

According to Eye Witness News, Ramaphosa also said that the ANC and Zanu-PF were “joined at the hip”, adding that Mugabe’s call for unity was also a message to the ANC.


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Luister, luister …

… wie daar fluister, in die donker nag!


Atul: Can you hear me?
JZ: Loud and clear …
Atul: OK. So fire that stubborn Gordhan and bring back Weekend Des. And do it NOW!!
JZ: What’s in it for me?


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Spot the Difference!

The Speaker Twins!

Waar kry jy daardie hoed,
Waar kry jy daardie keil?

Dis ‘n alte mooie hoed,
Ek wil graag met jou ruil!


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Klagtes Teen Gordhan Teruggetrek!

Just joking!



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‘n Geskiedkundige dag!

Op hierdie dag, 9 Nov:



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Jack and the Beanstalk and …

…the sleeping Giant:


Tydens Pravin Gordhan se begrotingstoespraak.


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