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A Godsend!?

covidThe Virus a godsend?

Yes – to a variety of individuals and/or groups who can’t let a crisis go to waste. They use any crisis to push some agenda which has nothing to do with the crisis at hand.

Some examples. You could probably add some more.

  • The religious:
    God is punishing us for our sins – most likely for being gay – but any sin will do.
  • Environmentalists:
    Mother Earth is striking back!
  • Global Warmists:
    This is how you should live (under lockdown) but we (the annointed) will fly around the world to exotic locations to tell/instruct you how to live and what not to eat.
  • News Agencies:
    A wonderful opportunity to accuse other news agencies of spreading fake news.
  • Politicians:
    – Accusing opponents of doing too little too late or too much too soon.
    – Sneaking in unrelated issues by hitching them to the crisis bandwagon.
    – Hide more corruption.
    – Exert more control over us.
    – Curry more favour by giving emergency handouts.
  • Finally people like vuurklip:
    No more handshaking/hugging and, God forbid, kissing virtual strangers.


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Klik op ‘n foto om te vergroot.


July 16, 2018 · 7:14 pm

Listen to me, but keep your distance!



June 11, 2018 · 7:28 pm

Dinosaur in the suburb!

Absolute proof that dinosaurs are contemporaneous with humans.

Check the footprint on the sidewalk! Each toe is about one metre long!

Perhaps the monster lives in the overgrown field on the left of the picture?


Sorry Darwin, Creationists Rule!


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One flew over …

leoOn second thoughts, One ís …

Hier regs is die man wat vir ons sê:

  • Gebruik minder fossielbrandstof
  • Moenie vleis eet nie
  • Vlieg minder
  • Ry ‘n elektriese motor
  • Stop aardverwarming
  • Lewe spaarsamig
  • Minder kinders

Maar wat doen hy self, buiten die privaat vliegtuie, wêreldtoere, luukse seiljagte, reuse wonings, wat doen hy?

Hy en ‘n paar van sy mede celebs vlieg ‘n, wait for it, ‘n Wenkbroustilis (ja, wragtag) ‘n Wenkbroustilis vanuit Australië na Hollywood om sy wenkbroue op te maak. Sy wenkbroue.

Lees die storie hier.

Persoonlik gee ek nie ‘n hel om wát hy met sy biljoene doen nie, maar om vir ons te wil voorskryf hoe om te lewe sonder om self sy voorskrifte na te volg is huigelary van die hoogste orde.

You couldn’t make it up – no wait – it’s all about make-up.




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A Blind Spot?

In the Cape CrTimes today (Thursday, 22 October 2015):


A “small” blind spot? I expected more than just a small one! And I very much doubt that it is curable. Since it is not a “benign tumour”, it’s got to be a blind spot.

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Quotable Quote.


The church seeking the truth is like turkeys seeking Christmas.

MICKLIVELY’s comment here.


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